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impressive 3D surface

reinforced phthalate-free pool membrane
with unique 3D-surface

elite® motion combines excellent product properties with an amazing, impressive 3D surface. The phthalate-free membrane not only offers optimal protection against dirt along the waterline, but also convinces with its extreme UV resistance and color durability.

  • high performance pool membrane with unique mesh structure
  • superior protection varnish
  • elegant haptic surface texture
  • Non-Slip Protection Level C
  • phthalate-free due to exclusive formula
  • complete protection along the waterline
  • extreme resistance to bleaching & discoloration
  • outstanding flatness for an easy installation
  • lowest fume emission during welding
  • available in 6 plain colors


impressive 3D-surface
phthalate free
Non-Slip protection Level C
extreme UV resistance
extreme Chlorine resistance
high algae resistance
excellent scratch resistance
Extreme waterline protection
longer lifespan

Click on the circle to see pictures of pools with the respective membrane color. Due to different screen settings, the shown colors may vary from the membrane colors in original.

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