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ELBE Pool Surface® membranes are suitable for any shape or size of every pool. Our product is the perfect solution for new construction and renovation of existing pools, too. Ceramic tiles, concrete, plaster, metal, fiberglass coatings or wood ELBE Pool Surface® swimming pool membranes are the perfect sealing for all types of pools.

All our products are free from heavy metals such as cadmium and lead. Reinforced pool membranes made by Elbtal Plastics have an exclusive formulation elaborated in house with only finest raw materials and fulfill of course the standards EN 71-3 (European Toy Safety Standard) as well. Our ELBE Pool Surface® reinforced pool membranes meet all requirements of an eco-friendly process. For our entire ELBE Pool Surface® product range we immediately check the quality of the supplies upon arrival and verify compliance with our high-quality requirements.

We believe that our customers can expect only the best from us. Their health and well-being are our first priority. Innovative development will continue to govern our actions in the future. Our medium-sized structure guarantees our customers a trustful and cooperative partnership in addition to our premium service.

Always the right choice: With ELBE Pool Surface® you not only choose the ultimate solution for your pool, you select the specialist for pool liners, too.


Our exclusive ELBE Pool Surface® products are developed in our own laboratory. Only pure virgin material is used in the manufacturing process and no heavy metals. This creates the best quality product while conserving natural resources and the environment. With less maintenance required, there is longer life and less frequent renovations. The products not only convince as a technically high-quality product, but also give pools a visually spectacular look. »Made in Germany« by Elbtal Plastics means superior quality this is why we can proudly offer a 15-year watertightness warranty on ELBE Pool Surface® material (professional installation required).

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