legal notice

website operator in the sense of section 5 telecommunications act

Elbtal Plastics GmbH & Co. KG
Grenzstraße 9
01640 Coswig

phone: +49 3523 5330-0
fax: +49 3523 5330-222

trade and commercial register

registry court: Dresden District Court
register number: HRA 5124
managing director: Jan Kriedel

personally liable members

Elbtal Verwaltungs GmbH

registry court: Dresden District Court
managing director: Jan Kriedel

sales tax identification number in accordance with section 27 a german sales tax act


in charge of content in accordance with 55 paragraph. 2 RStV

Jan Kriedel
(address as above)

information about online dispute resolution:

The European Commission has provided a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR).
You will find the platform via the following link:
Consumers are able to use this platform for resolving disputes resulting from online contracts.

copyright and picture credits

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